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Tools that help you tell better stories

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Plot better.

Organize and prioritize your projects. Our easy to use yet powerful tools help you dive deep into your story, characters and plot.

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Write more.

A fun flexible workspace designed to make you more productive. Work in your browser with no software to install or update.

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Publish faster.

Save all your story assets in one place and package them with a click. Easy one-click exports to EPUB, PDF and DOCX.

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Secure & private.

Autosave, auto-backup, SSL and a fanatical commitment to privacy. Nobody reads your work without your permission.

Tools that help you tell better stories

A magical workflow for storytellers

You bring the art, we build the technology. Jump straight into your story without the need for math. The way it should be.

Outlines for everything

A suite of outlining tools that will allow you to dig deep into your story, characters and plot. We mean beautiful outlines that bring your characters and story to life.

Seamlessly move from plotting to storytelling

A modern toolset that ties everything together. With SwiftPad you’re never jumping between files or endlessly scrolling through your document looking for stuff.

Here’s why authors love swiftpad


Swiftpad is purposefully designed to do less so you can get more done. It has everything you’ll need as an author and nothing else.


Set goals, track your productivity and bang that book out. First step to selling a million copies of your book is to write it.


Bring editors, co-authors, beta readers and other collaborators onboard. You decide what they can access. You’re the master of your kingdom.

Nifty features to make writing fun

Drag & drop scene builder

Built for authors, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, swiftpad helps you dive right into writing. Discover your story as you write it and move things around as you go.

Detailed character bios

Your characters are the life of your story. Keep your characters close as you write and get to know them intimately. Work with them to help your story come to life.

Scene and plot outlines

Hash out the why before the what. Set story goals, label major events or scenes and keep an eye on the plot as you write. Use our awesome storymap to scan through your plot and story flow.

Awesome broswer based editor

Move all distractions out of the screen when you write. No installs, no updates to manage and a writing tool that gets better every week. Yes, we release new features every week!

See what authors are saying about swiftpad

It’s all the stuff that you need as an author.
Christian Doord, Self Published Author

I would give it a 5 on 5. I think it has a lot to give and since it’s centralised that makes it even better. It’s like a central hub for projects as opposed to having eight different documents in different folders.
William Fogartie, Self Published, First Time Author

The character outlines are very useful. I do know generally who my characters are and I will need more as I’m going. The ability to just kind of throw them into a bucket real quick so I remember they exist and add details about them. I mean I can’t tell you half of the age of the characters that I have and when I need to see an outline I have to dig for it for like 30 mins. So I see value here as this section is very reactive. I don’t have to jump between pages or get distracted. It’s all right there in one place.
Bob Lynch, Author, Historical Fiction

I love that I can divvy things up into different sections. So if I'm down on chapter three and I’m like what did he do in chapter one and I can jump right back up without having to scroll around and waste writing time. Also, this wiki like thing built into it — that’s nifty.
Clyde Pourciaux, Self Published Sci-Fi Author

It’s exciting, swiftpad is very well organised for what an author needs and it gives you a lot of options for doing things the way you want to.
Katy N Jones, Published Author, Y.A. Fiction

I can write the whole book in this…yes! It’s far easier to use than any of the other tools I’ve used. And I’ve used many. It’s also pleasant to the eye. It’s not as rigid as as other writing software.
Betty Strecker, Self Published Author, YA